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Bank by Phone

24 Hour Account Information Helpline

You have access to account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week TOLL-FREE, when you call the 24-Hour Information Helpline 877-WSB-CALL (972-2255). It's easy to use and there are no fees for using the 24-Hour Information Helpline. With a touch-tone phone, account number(s) and a 4-digit personal identification number (PIN) access is available anytime, anywhere.

The Helpline offers:

  • Balance inquiries
  • Amount and date of deposits
  • Number and amount of checks cleared
  • Loan information
  • Certificate of Deposit information
  • IRA account information
  • Transfers between Wallis State Bank accounts
  • Rates on checking, savings, and certificates of deposit accounts

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer is a way to move funds electronically from one bank to another. Funds transferred by this method are considered collected and available for immediate use as soon as the wire is received.

Electronic Transfers

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) provides for electronic payments and collections.

Automatic Funds Transfer

An Automatic transfer may be established to move money from one account to another with a pre-determined amount and frequency. The frequency choices are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. There is no fee for this type of transfer. Transfers from savings and money market accounts are limited, and excess withdrawals will result in fees and possible reclassification of the account.

Direct Deposit

Wallis State Bank accepts direct deposits into your account.

Traveler's Checks

(Not available at all branch locations)

A safe way to carry money when you travel. Traveler's checks are accepted worldwide.

Bank by Mail

Bank by mail is available for your convenience. By completing the return receipt information on the 'Bank by Mail' envelopes, a confirmation receipt will be returned along with a new envelope for the next Bank by Mail transaction.

Night Depository

Make deposits after our regular banking hours.
(Not Available at San Antonio or Almeda Crossing locations)

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safeguard your valuables and important documents in a Safe Deposit Box. Choose the size that will accommodate your needs.

For Wallis State Bank customers only.
(Not available at all branch locations)

Notary Services

Customers may get documents notarized at branch locations during regular business hours.

For Wallis State Bank customers only.
(No charge for Wallis State Bank customers)

Drive Thru Lanes

Bank from the convenience of your car.

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