Business Money Market

Business Money Market Accounts are interest bearing accounts for commercial customers with minimal monthly activity.

This account offers a tiered interest rate schedule.

  • Tier I: $2,500.00 - $ 49,999.99
  • Tier II: $50,000.00 - $ 99,999.99
  • Tier III: $100,000.00 - $199,999.99
  • Tier IV: $200,000.00 and above

No interest is earned if the daily ledger balance falls below $2,500.00

Fees and Details include:

  • Minimum to Open: $2,500.00
  • Daily Ledger Balance $2,500.00 & over: No Charge
  • Daily Ledger Balance under $2,500.00: $15.00
  • Image Checks with Monthly Statement: No Charge
  • This account is limited to six monthly withdrawals as defined by regulation. Each additional withdrawal after the 6th withdrawal*: $20.00

*This account has withdrawal limitations that are governed by law and if exceeded could result in the bank reclassifying your account.

Interest rates are subject to change daily.  See our Rates!
Fees are subject to change without notice.

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