Wallis State Bank: Where Service Begins

Incomparable Customer Service Starts at Wallis State Bank

You know what they say about people who work in glass offices. They're probably executives at Wallis State Bank. It's true. Go to the bank's main branch and you'll see them, right there in the lobby: the glass offices of Danny Pigott, president, and Asif Dakri, CEO. Anyone can see in. Anyone can walk in. It's symbolic of the access customers have to the decision makers at the bank. But it's much more than a symbol. This is one bank where customer service starts at the top. Pigott and Dakri are there to offer their banking expertise to those who need it.

The Home of Responsive Service

Wallis State Bank services the area from Houston to San Antonio like no other bank, and responsiveness is the key. Highly flexible and with a spirit of entrepreneurship, it can act faster than just about anyone in the market. How fast? It recently turned around a $1 million secured loan in just two days. The customer walked in on Monday with a dream and walked out Wednesday with a loan. But then, the bankers at WSB just look at things differently. Dakri explains, "Most banks try to fit businesses into a box. But some just don't fit in a box. Maybe they belong in an oval. We can do that. We understand what businesses are and what they are trying to do. We have the flexibility to work the way our customers do. Running a business is hard enough as it is, without having to jump through hoops for your bank."

Building Financial Strength

Wallis State Bank has demonstrated outstanding financial strength. In business since 1906, it has been through the Great Depression and two world wars and has never taken any government assistance. "Our bank is highly capitalized and in a position to build itself and its customers for the future," says Dakri. "We concentrate on our niche: serving our customers by staying with the basics." To that end, the bank keeps all its loans in house. It doesn't sell them to other institutions. This means that WSB's customers know where their money is at all times. Likewise, the bank makes all decisions locally. There's no waiting to get an answer from out of state.

Local Bank With Global Reach

Wallis State Bank receives numerous compliments on its efficient international business department, which conducts transactions with a vast number of companies around the globe. Many customers have a presence in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and all of them have growing operations in the U.S. "It all comes back to loyal, responsive service. We're small compared to the mega banks, but we have all the tools, and the knowledge to use them correctly," says Dakri. The bank goes out of its way to understand its customers' businesses, goals and objectives. Clients of the bank remain loyal because they know their unique businesses are truly understood. Wallis State Bank has always been more about people than numbers. But that's not hard to see. Just take a look inside one of those glass offices.

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